Palm Oil Plantation: Existence, Projection, and How to Deal with This

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March 08 , 2022

Currently, Indonesia is the producer of 61% of total palm oil production globally. If viewed in the long term, the main challenge is how to build a competitive, populist, sustainable, and decentralized palm oil agribusiness system and business. As one of the world's largest producers of palm oil, others have put pressure on Indonesia to be wise in managing it. Therefore, through the Department of Agriculture, the government enforces the ISPO (Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil) standard, which contains production standards and land clearing for palm oil in Indonesia. The current condition of oil palm is faced with the problem of constantly changing policies and regulations related to palm oil regulation, conversion of forest land, which tends to harm the environment, and the frequent finding of human rights violations in palm oil management practices. Therefore, it is necessary to campaign for ISPO as a reference in carrying out activities related to oil palm. Also, mapping the area so that the division of space is more precise, providing guidelines for planning oil palm plantations, synchronizing local RTRW planning with land for oil palm, the importance of the government's role as a policymaker, and providing infrastructure to increase effectiveness.

Author: Aditya Mahardika

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Currently, Indonesia is the producer of 61% of total palm oil production globally. If viewed in the .

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