Kantor Bupati & DPRD Kabupaten Asmat

Located in the center of Asmat Regency, the existence of the DPRD and Regent offices is not only functionally the center of the running of the regional government but is also designed to become a new icon for the Asmat city. The unique and rich culture of the tribes in Asmat Regency is inspired by the shape of a government office building that resembles a Wuramon Boat. The Regent's Office and the DPRD's Office are connected by a broad corridor that can become a public space that is expected to be a place for exchanging ideas. The building ornaments used also highlight the distinctive features of the tribes in the Asmat Regency. Such as the patterns found on the facade of the building and the carvings used in the wooden beams that support the structure in the hallway. Technically, the condition of the area in the form of swampland becomes a challenge in the design process. To overcome this, considering the structure, plumbing, and the material used is a concern for the team when carrying out the design so as not to cause harm to the building and the surrounding area.

Service & Programmatic
Kab. Asmat, Papua
Completion Date
20.000 sqm
Dinas PU Kabupaten Asmat
Aerial View
Corridor area
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