Unclebrew Coffee Shop

Marked as its seventh branch, Unclebrew coffee shop finally opened in Palagan Tentara Pelajar Street, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The location of the site is considered a prestige area as it is located in Palagan street’s main corridor and surrounded by residential, business, and university areas. The brand of the coffee shop already has a  clear vision of the coffee shop’s theme and concept. The owner wants this branch to adopt industrial minimalist as its main concept but still be budget-friendly with a touch of wood accent and unfinished materials.

On the exterior, big Unclebrew signage and the signature coffee shop’s window wall, greeted the customer when about to enter. Step into the coffee shop, on the right side, there’s a coffee bar for preparing the coffee and receiving the customer’s order. After putting the order, there are various seating choices that the customer can choose to wait and enjoy their coffee. The area of the coffee shop itself is divided into two sections, indoor and outdoor. To complement the space requirement, a prayer room is available to accommodate prayer activities for those who needed. Bringing out the industrial minimalist concept, mostly the wall was left unfinished, but still with a unique detail accent. The amphitheater area stood out the most as the focal point of the outdoor area. There are also several trees and vegetation inserted to add natural shading and to cool down the temperature. Corresponding to the owner’s request to add a wood accent, the furniture choices are mostly made from wood. For the final touch, warm white lighting is chosen as the best choice to complete the ambiance of the coffee shop.  

Sleman, Yogyakarta
144 sqm
M. Putra Setia / Unclebrew
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