Masterplan The Lodjie Marong

The Lodjie Marong Masterplan Project is designed to be an integrated recreation with the tagline 'Fulfilling recreational needs in one place'. The site, which is a private land spanning an area of ​​7 ha, has good potential with a strategic location and is often a reference for organizational training sites. To be able to maximize its potential, a master plan is made to integrate agrotourism, MICE, and also integrated farming areas. The concept that will be applied to this master plan will focus on three main elements of recreational activities, namely gardens, agritourism, and outdoor activities. There are various gardens that are divided based on their location. These gardens include horticultural gardens, upper, middle, and lower gardens, and there is also a greenhouse. Besides flora area in a form of gardens, fauna areas are also presented in the form of bird, butterfly, animal cages and fishing areas.

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