Rumah Tebet

When designing a residential house, ideally the house design need to accommodate all the needs and activities of its users. In the case of Rumah Tebet, the owner wants a practical and functional design, so starting from that background, the house design work focuses on functional elements that can answer the needs of the owner. The design concept that will be applied refers to three main activities that will be accommodated, namely working, socializing, and healing. The owner wants a flexible room so that it can maximize interaction and socialization between home users. Flexible space also helps provide additional space needs that may arise over time. The house still has privacy with part of the facade that is covered from direct views out, but still with an inside room that has sufficient lighting and circulation. Finally, the owner wants his house to have a timeless design mix with a design that can show its owner’s identity.

Tebet House consists of three floors with a rooftop at the very top of the building. The first floor consists of room dedicated to the needs of service activities such as a carport, a room for household assistants, a dirty kitchen, and a drying area. Up to the second floor, there is a foyer ready to welcome residents before entering the house. The second floor is a semi-private zone with rooms intended to support work and social activities, in the form of a family room and an adjoining workspace. This workspace can also be used as a playroom when not in use for work. Entering the private zone on the 3rd floor, there is one master bedroom and one children's bedroom, and two bathrooms. At the top of the building, there is a rooftop that is used for socialization activities and for healing.

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