Masjid An-Nur Palu


In 2018, Palu City was hit by a significant disaster that damaged a lot of infrastructures. Liquefaction, or melting the soil into mud, is a disaster that hits Palu City. Olobojoh Village in Sigih Regency is one of the areas that suffered the most significant damage in this disaster. In 2019, Shirvano began designing the An-Nur mosque in Olobojoh Village. This mosque is expected to become a place of worship for lost Muslims and a memorial to the liquefaction disaster in Palu.



The construction of this mosque applies several aspects of the sustainable building according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria. Maintaining good outdoor space and catchment areas is sustainable land use. This mosque is designed by integrating the building with green open space to be used as a gathering place and water catchment area. The material used is also environmentally friendly and uses materials from the rest of the disaster that is still suitable for use. As in the wall that uses gabions, the frame of the building that uses iron and concrete, as well as the porch column using coconut wood. This selection also takes into account sturdiness and ease of maintenance. This mosque also utilizes climatic conditions to provide comfort and save energy resources, commonly referred to as the passive design concept. An example of passive design is openings for sunlight to enter and for air exchange. Through passive design, it will also produce good-quality lighting and air circulation to ensure the health and comfort of its users. This is strengthened by planting trees that act as air filters, heat and noise blockers, and storing water in the soil.



The biggest challenge when designing this arises because there is distance and limited communication between the architect designer and the workers in the field. Differences in the working methods between workers in the regions and big cities also became a challenge in designing this mosque, especially after the liquefaction disaster; field workers also felt the impact. In addition, the wishes of the diverse surrounding community are also a challenge when proposing a design for the An-Nur Mosque.

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