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The existence of a port area in the coastal area plays an important facility requirement for sea transportation and mobility, especially for areas that have a strategic location and high population density. Ports that function for the loading and unloading of goods usually have their area and need to pay attention to the surrounding potential to develop the area into a business-profitable area. The development of the port area which is increasingly busy with the flow of goods in and out is often not followed by the growth of the infrastructure around and within it. For example, until now, access to coastal areas has only been supported by the existence of arterial roads. This has the potential to cause problems, namely long queues and accumulation of trucks on arterial roads.


This coastal area business development carries the title "Becoming a new World Class Logistics Hub". This is supported by the three main principles applied in its development, namely Highly Adaptive to changes in the context of needs and optimizing land, environmental needs and increasing green space, Well Connected with transportation nodes to facilitate accessibility and mobilization of goods and services, and Fully Integrated with development around areas such as ports, trade, and other functions.

To maximize business potential, especially in coastal areas, of course, adequate accessibility is needed. This area itself has good accessibility for the mobilization of goods and services. Its strategic location and traversed by various types of road hierarchies and access by public transportation strongly support the designation of this area. Accessibility to this area is also supported by the toll road development plan.

The three previous development principles can be developed through several strategies, namely optimizing business areas by developing new functions in the commercial and service segments, realizing commercial and service areas that prioritize the green concept, utilizing development areas that are connected to toll ramps in and out, traffic engineering in business districts and improving road quality, and adjusting tenant entrances and exits to facilitate container truck traffic and facilitate vehicle mobilization.


The development of this coastal area spatially utilizes the existing land around it. In the ultimate development of the area, there are new land functions, namely public service facilities in the form of mosques, utilities that function as waste and garbage processing, as well as bizhome which include small-medium scale warehousing, e-commerce warehousing, cold storage, retail areas, and multipurpose buildings.

The concepts that had been previously developed were then revealed to be several programs to support the activities there. The first program is the existence of a container depot as a semi-open warehouse for storing goods to be brought to or from the port of Tanjung Priok. Furthermore, there is E-Commerce Warehousing as the focal activity in this area, e-commerce warehousing is connected to representative offices and RnD facilities. To accommodate fishing industry activities around this area, there is a cold storage used to store fish catches. In addition, there are green and blue open spaces to provide public space in the middle of the industrial area and add water catchment areas to the area.

In this area, there is a low-intensity commercial area provided as a support for activities in it. This retail is planned to apply the concept of an outdoor food court and cloud kitchen orientated towards the lake. The material used can also be container-oriented as a visual architectural commercial area. This area is also planned to have a centralized WWTP or wastewater treatment plant facility. This facility is capable of serving the treatment of wastewater produced by all activities within it. Apart from WWTP, this area also has integrated waste facilities in the form of TPS (temporary shelters) to facilitate the waste transport system from each activity within the area.

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