Sayung Berlabuh


Sayung Subdistrict is located in a strategic location on the north coast of Java, precisely in Demak Regency, Central Java. Its location, the estuary / downstream of the river from the cities above it (Salatiga, Boyolali), poses a threat in the form of rainwater runoff from upstream and water runoff from the sea (tidal flooding). On the other hand, Sayung District also has an important role on the scale of cities, provinces, and Java Island as a corner of economic interest, especially in the industrial and tourism sectors.



Urban Resilient and Sustainable is a concept promoted for Sayung Berlabuh. This concept is carried out based on the central issue of deterioration in the quality of the regional environment. The decreasing environmental quality in the Sayung area includes the threat of sea level rise and land subsidence, poor environmental quality and housing, tourism potential that is still not optimal, and lack of access to various jobs. To achieve the established concept, several strategies will be applied. The first is healthy cities that aim to create a physically, economically, and socially healthy environment. The second is accessible, which aims to provide easy links between activities. Then the third is adaptive, which aims to build an empowered environment side by side with nature. And the last one is water management, aiming to meet the need for environmentally friendly water.


Strategy and Program

There are three strategies and programs will be implemented to achieve Sayung that focuses on resilient communities, an environment that is in harmony with the earth, and a growing region. First, there is a protection strategy divided into two programs: Mangrove Barrier as natural protection and ecosystems for Silver Egrets, then Hybrid Engineering as a breakwater and sediment catcher. Second, there is a control strategy divided into two programs: River Rechanneling, which connects rivers to provide space for as much water as possible. It is equipped with a sluice to control the elevation of the water. Then, Wetland is a place where water gathers. Positioned on the area with the highest land subsidence. As well as the last is an adaptation strategy for improvisation, which is divided into five programs. The first is an Adaptive Building designed to be adaptive to the elevation of water. The second is Silvofishery which is a combination of ponds with mangroves. Thus, the mangrove ecosystem is maintained, and the community's economy continues to run. Then the third is Renewable Energy through the use of solar panels in houses and buildings. Furthermore, the fourth is SWRO or Sea Water Reverse Osmosis which is a method to convert seawater into ready-to-use water. Finally, there is Saline Agriculture, which is a farming method that pays attention to salinity in the soil.

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