Hotel Bintang Tiga Terminal Bulupitu


Bulupitu Terminal is located on Jalan Suwatio, Purwokerto City, Central Java. In this area, a 3-Star Commercial Hotel is developed to optimize the use of State Property (BMN). Having an area of 5.7 ha, this area is divided into a revitalization terminal area, a public transportation parking area, and a development area. There is already a pavement as a vehicle parking area, and in some places, it is a green open space. Revitalization has also been carried out, and the terminal has begun operations. In the terminal itself, there are two floors. The 1st-floor functions as operational purpose of the terminal. In comparison, the 2nd floor is planned to be developed as supporting facilities. Then there is a development plan for commercial optimization, namely in the form of a hotel that is not only used as an inn but also as a MICE for communal activities with a land area of around 5,015m2. This commercial activity can also be a source of income instead of state tax. With a total construction of 9,837m2, there will be 120 room units in the 3-star hotel.



The hotel building has a tropical concept that maximizes lighting and natural living—applied by providing optimal openings at several points of the building. In addition, many planting media for greening offer aesthetics and a calm and shady impression of hotel buildings in the terminal area. The hotel will have three zones, namely a private zone that contains private rooms for visitors, such as the Standard Room and Deluxe Room. Then the commercial area contains public spaces to support MICE activities, such as Ballrooms and Restaurants. Then the last service zone has supporting rooms for overnight activities and MICE, such as shafts and laundry. As for materials, this hotel will be plain white with green accents in some parts to give a tropical impression and look clean.


Shape Transformation

It has a shape transformation starting from the orientation of the building, which is elongated in shape on the north-south axis, helpful in reducing sun exposure, thus reducing incoming heat. Then from the available mass that supports the function of MICE Hotels, it is necessary to add a group that is also a counterweight to the main assembly. Then the last transformation is the podium-type building which is the ground floor of the building that functions as an open spot so that the mass of the building looks like it is floating. Responding to the shape of the hotel with mass placement behind the terminal, the circulation of both public (to the terminal) and private (to the hotel) vehicles needs to be separated. The entrance circulation of public and private visitors was initially combined, but separated at the front of the hotel.

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