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  • together, we can create a new shift for another city
  • together, we can solve problems innovatively
  • together, we can design a livable and lovable place
  • together, we can build our cities sustainably
  • together, we can make sure no one left behind
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Shirvano Consulting (PT Karangluhur Lima Pilar) is a multidisciplinary placemaking group working in architecture, urban planning, development, and research on cities.

In the past four years, Shirvano has worked with the government authorities, private sectors, individuals, communities, and non-profit organizations in more than 30 regions in Indonesia for urban planning, masterplanning, architectural and interior designs to research, and consultancy projects.

Our vision is To be a Leading and Impactful Planning, Design, and Architecture Practice in Indonesia by 2027 and Southeast Asia by 2032.
Our team consists of dedicated young professionals who passionately design, plan, and engineer the future of space. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, we are committed to bring comprehensive solutions based on research and innovations in every work we are involved in.

Shirvanians are driven by the intention and mission that each of our works is not just ego/ambition, but there are ideals in it. We make work part of worship, work to create lovable, livable, and sustainable spaces, and contribute to building the planning & design industry.

We always give our best in the projects entrusted to us. Client satisfaction is the focus of our services. Thus, we are always growing, developing, and doing our best.

Our planning/design process focuses on meeting human needs as users. By creating a design that is empathetic, human-oriented and provides a space for public participation.

Creativity and innovation is our middle name. As young professionals, this is the spirit that makes us move, dare to explore and experiment, and have a mindset to continue to grow and a positive paradoxical way of thinking.


Sustainability is the standard in all of our work until it becomes a value throughout the team to make us a sustainable company for centuries to come. We have foresight to take responsibility for every work and adopt an optimal design mindset.

We believe that the success of our work is born from the spirit of collaboration. The diversity of divisions and expertise becomes the strength in providing the best for clients.

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Our Design Practice Finds Beauty in Solving Problems
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Our Design Practice Finds Beauty in Solving Problems

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