• We shape the future of our cities.

  • Our design responds to the context of the place and the community.

  • Our work with the community focuses on improving quality of life and making impact.

  • Our practice is based on research and innovation process.

Shirvano is a multidisciplinary placemaking group.

Delivering various professional planning and design services to answer your needs, from urban and regional scale to buildings and interior designs.

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How to Collaborate with Us

Are you looking for professional services for research in your desired building design or planning project? Contact us and get an offer to answer your needs!


Contact our representative by clicking on the WhatsApp icon in the corner of this page, directly to WhatsApp number +6281802398273, or through various social media channels of Shirvano Consulting.


Consult your needs and schedule a discussion if needed.


Our team will prepare proposals for service offerings according to your needs.


If the offer matches the needs, then the work will be executed between the two parties.


A team of experts will be working on the project to produce mutually agreed outputs.


In the process, the expert team will periodically (according to the agreement) provide updates and presentations on progress to be discussed with you.


At the end of the work, the results will be presented and handed over to you.

Our Clients

These are the clients that have put their trust in us to work together to bring the solutions. 

Our Achievements
The awards and achievements over the past four years
2nd Place in Demak Regancy Urban Area Expansion Design Competition
Kabupaten Demak, Jawa Tengah
1st Place in Sleman Mosque Design Competition
Kab. Sleman, DI Yogyakarta
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Wrap Up Rembug Bareng #10: TOD (Current Implementation and Future Prospect)

In this session, there are two speakers that will share their knowledge about Transit Oriented Development based on their expertise. The first speaker is Ms. Del