SHIRVANO Consultant Won 3rd Place in the Sayung Coastal Area Competition

January 17 , 2023

Sayung District is a coastal area in Demak Regency. Its strategic location makes Sayung District play an important role in the economic, industrial, and tourism interests of the Regency. However, this geographical condition turned out to cause various problems. Floods and robs caused by land subsidence, high tides, and coastal abrasion submerged the Sayung District. This condition has resulted in the loss of hundreds of hectares of ponds, the shoreline retreating hundreds of meters, and houses uninhabitable because of waterlogging. As a result, there is a decline in the community's quality of life in social, economic, and health aspects.  This condition has triggered the Provincial Government of Central Java to hold a competition for structuring the Sayung coastal area. With this effort, the government hopes that ideas and innovations from related professionals can create an integrated and sustainable Sayung coast. 

Shirvano Consulting, which continues to bring a new paradigm in design and design, has the urge to contribute to Sayung District. Through their participation in the competition, Shirvano brought up the development concept of Sayung Berlabuh: Empowered, Aligned, and Grow. This concept undoubtedly succeeded in bringing Shirvano to third place in the Sayung coastal area arrangement contest. Following the Central Java Government's initial goals, Sayung Berlabuh carries the theme "Sayung of the future, focusing on resilient communities, an environment that is in harmony with the earth, and growing areas." SHIRVANO team consists of various positions in architecture, planning, environmental analysis, tourism, and economics, each of which is an expert in their field. 
Several strategies realize the development of this regional concept: 

- Create a healthy city and environment both physically, economically, and socially. 

- Build an adaptive environment through living empowered and coexisting with nature. 

- Embody connectivity between activities 

- Invent an environmentally friendly water management strategy. 

Finally, congrats on being a winner! The journey in this competition has gone through various processes and careful preparations by the parties involved. In the future, the concept that has been prepared is expected to be part of a better arrangement of the Sayung coastal area. 

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SHIRVANO Consultant Won 3rd Place in the Sayung Coastal Area Competition

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