Crafting a New Journey: Weaving Legacy through the Threads of Knowledge

March 05 , 2024

Hello! Greetings, Shirvamate! I am Fadilla Giffariny Amuna, known as Muna. I currently serve as the Assistant Knowledge Manager at Shirvano, specializing in the Knowledge Management System within the Innovation and Operational Division.

My journey with Shirvano commenced during the 15th Internship Batch in early 2022, where I undertook the role of CIOO Analyst Intern. Around mid-2023, amid the challenges of my demanding thesis work, I sought new opportunities. I applied for the Knowledge Management System Intern position and was fortunate to be accepted.

Reflecting on my time as a CIOO Analyst Intern, under the guidance of Fadhila Nur Latifah Sani, commonly known as Mba Ipeh, the Chief Innovation and Operational, I contributed concepts to the KMS and other event SOPs that continue to be utilized today. During my KMS internship, I acquired new skills such as cross-team coordination and providing research support for consulting projects.

'To craft a legacy! Although my two internship experiences differed, both taught me not only to successfully complete tasks but also to build a legacy that could benefit many. Contributing to Shirvano Insight is a source of pride for me, as it allowed me to share knowledge with the public by transforming KMS insights into widely accessible articles. As Pramoedya Ananta Toer said, 'Writing is working for eternity!'

Regarding my decision to continue my career as a full-time employee at Shirvano Consulting, I appreciate not only the KMS role but also Shirvano's consistent commitment to employee development. Monthly internal sharing sessions like Shirvatalk and Shirvaluate serve as valuable learning platforms due to their consistently intriguing topics.

These internal reflection sessions play a vital role in cross-team knowledge sharing related to project work. For me, who is not fully immersed in projects, these events offer valuable insights and alleviate the monotony of day-to-day tasks. The shared content is also highly relevant to future work.

When asked about the differences between my internship and full-time experiences, I initially had concerns about the increased responsibilities accompanying the transition. 'Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain initially, effective communication, guidance, and feedback from Mbak Bica, my supervisor, greatly helped me figure things out on my own. I am satisfied with the results, as the response to the targets has been very positive.'

On starting my career at Shirvano Consulting, I find Shirvano to be a safe space for learning from the common mistakes made by first-jobbers. Additionally, Shirvano offers opportunities to contribute to a diverse range of clients, creating a dynamic atmosphere for each job. The Work From Anywhere scheme is a significant reason for me to start my career at Shirvano, providing flexibility in managing my daily schedule while allowing ample time for other productive activities.

In conclusion, I leave an inspiring quote for fellow first-jobbers or those just starting their careers: 'Don't just complete your tasks; strive to excel and aim to shape them into a lasting legacy!'

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Crafting a New Journey: Weaving Legacy through the Threads of Knowledge

Hello! Greetings, Shirvamate! I am Fadilla Giffariny Amuna, known as Muna. I currently serve as the .