Unraveling Architecture through the Roles of Consultants and Educators

February 02 , 2024

Not only actively working as a consultant, Dania also contributes by sharing her knowledge in the field of architecture as a lecturer. What is Dania's daily life like, working as an educator and consultant at the same time?

As a lecturer, Dania teaches several courses, including Introduction to Architecture, a course aimed at understanding the context of architecture itself, and Architectural Design. Architectural Design is a major course in the Architecture department, focusing on teaching students to design various types of buildings, both low rise and high rise. So, what motivates Dania to pursue a career as both a consultant and a lecturer?

"Because I enjoy sharing with many people, especially related to architecture. Being a lecturer and consultant allows me to better pursue my passion for sharing in the field of architecture."

Dealing with various student characters adds its own excitement for Dania when teaching at the campus. As an educator, she is required to adapt and ensure that the material is effectively conveyed to the students. Her dual role in having two jobs at the same time is made possible due to balanced support from both places she works.

"Both Shirvano and my superiors support my career development. The existing work arrangement also allows me to continue being a lecturer, and I can still deliver good output. In addition, with flexible work arrangements, good time management is the key for me to adjust work according to the set standards."

Great job, Dania! Even though she pursues two careers simultaneously, she manages to provide maximum work results by applying good time management, flexible work arrangements, and crucially, support from both the campus and Shirvano.

Shirvano Consulting won 2nd Place in the Demak Regency Urban Expansion Design Competition

On November 25, 2021, the team from Shirvano Consulting attended the 2nd stage judging of the Demak .

Shirvano Consulting won 1st Place in Sleman Mosque Design
SHIRVANO Consultant Won 3rd Place in the Sayung Coastal Area Competition

Sayung District is a coastal area in Demak Regency. Its strategic location makes Sayung District pla.

Shirvano Won 3rd Place in Trisakti Nagrak University Masterplan Idea Competition

A series of sweet year-end achievements were attained by Shirvano Consulting as 2023 came to a close.

Shirvano Successfully Achieve 4th Place in the Tanjung Selor Islamic Center Design Competition.

Being a proud opening to the new year, Shirvano once again received an award for achieving 4th place.

Unraveling Architecture through the Roles of Consultants and Educators

Not only actively working as a consultant, Dania also contributes by sharing her knowledge in the fi.

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