Ruang Berbagi intern batch 13

December 08 , 2021

Day 1: Inclusive City Design

Day One, with the theme of Inclusive City Design discussion, covered three sub-topics, namely:

1. Geovisualization of COVID-19 Vulnerability Based on Physical Density Aspects by Chrysan\
2. The Concept of Slow Cities Planning Through a Complete Street Approach in Urban Kebumen by Sukma
3. Indonesia's Cities for People by Gabriela

From the discussion on the first day, the presenters received feedback from the two panelists who were also present. The first response was from Ms. Meta Grizanda Meizy, M.Eng (Head of Sub-Division of Transportation, Regional Infrastructure and Energy and Mineral Resources, Bappeda DIY). Ibu Meta thinks that the main development problem is the increasing number of people and the fixed land. He emphasized that an in-depth study of the planning area is essential as the basis for formulating a spatial control strategy.

The second response was from Mr. Adjisetya Agung Aripambudi (BAPPENAS staff). According to him, the informal sector in urban areas is crucial to pay attention to. The informal sector also grows organically based on strong socio-cultural values ​​in society.

Day 2: Towards Climate Resilient Cities

On this second day, the sub-topics discussed were entitled Proclimate Implementation Practices as Community-Based Climate Change Mitigation Adaptation Efforts and Impact Assessment and Adaptation of Sea Level Rise in the Coastal Areas Pemalang Regency.

From this topic, the two panelists, namely Mr. Danang Azhari (Disaster & Urban Planning Research Office) and Ms. Fathia Lutfi Ananda, both responded to economic aspects that needed to be elaborated.

Day 3: Architecture (Amidst and Beyond Pandemic)

Some of the topics discussed on day 3 are as follows:

1. Indoor Air Quality Improvement for Healthy Indoor Environment by Jasmine
2. City Walk as a Shopping Center Development by Bica
3. Rethinking Architecture: The Future of Post Pandemic Hospitality Design by Jocelyn

From today's panelists, Mr. Satria A. Permana (Researcher Omah Library) emphasized the importance of easy access to public spaces and their integration with public transportation routes.

Find out the full discussion at the following link.


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