Shirvano Consulting won 1st Place in Sleman Mosque Design

December 21 , 2021


Shirvano Consulting won 2nd Place in the Demak Regency Urban Expansion Design Competition

On November 25, 2021, the team from Shirvano Consulting attended the 2nd stage judging of the Demak .

Shirvano Consulting won 1st Place in Sleman Mosque Design
SHIRVANO Consultant Won 3rd Place in the Sayung Coastal Area Competition

Sayung District is a coastal area in Demak Regency. Its strategic location makes Sayung District pla.

Shirvano Won 3rd Place in Trisakti Nagrak University Masterplan Idea Competition

A series of sweet year-end achievements were attained by Shirvano Consulting as 2023 came to a close.

Shirvano Successfully Achieve 4th Place in the Tanjung Selor Islamic Center Design Competition.

Being a proud opening to the new year, Shirvano once again received an award for achieving 4th place.

Unraveling Architecture through the Roles of Consultants and Educators

Not only actively working as a consultant, Dania also contributes by sharing her knowledge in the fi.

Rima Darmawanti: From Behind the Scenes to the Main Stage: Leaving a Meaningful Impact on the Coastline

Rima, a dedicated environmental analyst, found herself given new responsibilities and a rare opportu.

Crafting a New Journey: Weaving Legacy through the Threads of Knowledge

Hello! Greetings, Shirvamate! I am Fadilla Giffariny Amuna, known as Muna. I currently serve as the .