Shirvano Internship Program

Shirvano Internship Program is an internship program intended for students/fresh graduates from various backgrounds who want to work in architectural and planning consultants. Students are invited to develop themselves and apply their knowledge in professional and pro bono projects through this program. Internal work will be accompanied directly by mentors from the Shirvano team who are young and experienced consultants. Interns will be invited to move together to plan and realize other cities, welcoming Indonesia's future.

The internship process at Shirvano will be carried out for three months. Besides being involved in the project work process, the intern will also carry out research projects and collaborative projects. Want to know how research projects and collaborative projects are being carried out? Please click the link beside.

We open opportunities for all students/fresh graduates who want to learn and gain experience with us. APPLY NOW! HERE!

Meet our Interns

"Joining the internship program at Shirvano Consulting was a really valuable experience for me. Thank you, Shirvano!"

"Joined the Shirvano Internship Program and going directly to the field gives me  a new perspective on village development."

Benefits of joining Shirvano Internship Program
Gaining experience in the professional world

From the Shirvano Internship Program, interns can add new experiences in the professional world. In addition, the intern will be involved in research projects and real projects, which can be added to the portfolio.

Get mentorship from young, experienced Shirvano Consulting talents

During the internship period, the intern will be accompanied by a mentor who has experience working on professional projects. From there, we hope that the intern will gain new knowledge and upgrade themselves.

Get certificate and salary

Interns will get a certificate after finishing the Internship Program as concrete evidence of work experience that has been done. Apart from that, interns also get financial rights during the internship period.

All Open Position

[Full-time] Architectural Drafter
[Intern] Urban Designer
[Intern] Social Analyst
[Intern] Drafter
[Intern] Architect
[Intern] Economic Analyst
[INTERNSHIP] Environmental Analyst
[Intern] Urban Planner
[Intern] Social Media Strategist
[Intern] Content Writer
[Intern] Graphic Designer
[Intern] CIO Analyst / Innovation & Operational Analyst


Portfolios can be uploaded first on a website or blog such as Google Drive, Behance, Issuu, etc. Make sure the link is accessible to us! Fill in the link in the column provided when applying.

Yes. Job Training (Kerja Praktek) needs can be discussed at the next selection stage.

Maximum file size is 5MB in PDF format. 

Yes! During this pandemic, the Shirvano Internship Program is conducted online. However, if an intern's location is close to our ongoing project, the intern can be involved in offline activities such as surveys, comparative studies, FGDs, etc.

Our working hours tend to be flexible as long as we still meet the number of working hours obligations. Of course, you can adjust working hours with your time to study.