Alya Puspita, S.PWK.
Urban Planners
Urban Planner
Award & Certification
1. Lulusan Terbaik Fakultas Teknik UGM Periode Lulusan Mei 2021 2. Juara Lomba Pengintegrasian Solusi dengan GIS tk Nasional (UI dan ESRI)

Alya is a fresh graduate of the Urban and Regional Planning undergraduate program at Gadjah Mada University who is interested in theoretical studies and practical analysis. Therefore, at this time, Alya is seeking as much experience as possible from various urban and regional planning projects. In these projects, Alya is more involved in data collection, analysis, and assessment with planning theories and existing planning documents. Alya is also interested in using and continuing to study methods that can integrate theoretical and practical matters in planning, such as spatial modeling or other new methods.

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