Ilham Sukarno Puji Muri, S.Ars
Architectural Designer
Award & Certification

Ilham has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Bengkulu University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Architecture at Gadjah Mada University. He has an interest in behavioral architecture (environmental behavior studies). Ilham has achievements in design competitions, including Finalist Environmental Recovery Design Competition for the Ecoriparian Category of the Directorate General of PPKL KLHK-2021 and Best 7 Micro House Design Competition ARCHIRAY V Hasanuddin University-2020. At Shirvano, Ilham is involved in architectural projects and assists in detailing architectural products in urban design and master planning projects. For Ilham, architecture is a container of culture, both forming and being formed by it, and architecture is very closely related to human behavior.

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