KSPK Kejajar-Garung

The development planning of the KSPK Kejajar - Garung and its surroundings was prepared by conducting a textual and contextual study of the planning area. Contextual studies were carried out by analyzing the utilization of various positive and negative impacts, mapping of stakeholders, and field conditions through surveys, interviews, and in-depth interviews with stakeholders to obtain KSPK issues.

Based on contextual and textual studies regarding the Kejajar-Garung KSPK area and surrounding areas, the site's characteristics are derived from outlining the findings. The findings are analyzed within the framework of the four pillars of tourism, namely destination, marketing, industry, and tourism institutions.

The final result of the planning for the development of the KSPK of Kejajar-Garung and its surroundings is in the form of a program compiled in a road map with the vision, mission, policy, and strategic directions. The program is prepared based on recommendations from each of the four development pillars and derivatives of the previous vision, mission, policy directions, and strategies. The road map results produce priority programs / quick wins for KSPK development.

The Strategic Development Planning of the Kejajar – Garung Regency Tourism Area (KSPK) and its surroundings is a good start for planning the development of other KSPK-KSPK in the context of tourism development in Wonosobo Regency. Tourism development on this scale is expected to support Tourism Strategic Areas at the provincial level or above.


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