Master planning and urban design
Planning and designing thriving cities that work for everyone

Designing cities is an increasingly complex task. It requires innovative and integrated solutions, which consider everything from demographic changes and equity to land scarcity, energy and water resilience, climate mitigation, supporting infrastructure and minimising the impact on our natural systems.


We help governments, authorities, and developers to deliver remarkable buildings and neighbourhoods, enhancing a town or city’s sustainability and appeal. Every project is a creative collaboration aimed at producing solutions of enduring value.


Shirvano develops masterplans that can beneficially shape the long-term development of our towns and cities. We think beyond just buildings, to encompass the wider and more enduring socio-economic benefits for communities. Our goal is to help clients produce inclusive communities, ones that promote wellbeing, enhance productivity, and are an enjoyable place to live and work. Our masterplanning expertise is underpinned by deep technical knowledge of interrelated infrastructure systems, from water and energy to transport and data.

The process of masterplanning and urban design enables us to weave these layers together to create an integrated urban experience. We combine creativity, innovation, and realism, ensuring that resulting plans capture the full value of the opportunity and facilitate cost-effective implementation.


How we can help you

We work closely with authorities and communities, to engage and co-create, design and deliver their shared ambitions. Our approach balances constraints and opportunities, from site conditions, social and economic factors and environmental issues, to market demands, regulatory and community issues. We always ensure new development harmonises with the existing urban fabric.

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