Integrated Office Masterplan

This region is located in a vast area that will be developed consisting of 5 plots of land divided by function into office areas, estates, gardens, rice fields, and sports fields. The condition of the area is now moving towards Creative City. However, there is still a lack of innovative, creative space that can function as a place of expression for citizens and support the development of the creative economy. To increase appreciation for local brands and provide space for ±60 thousand MSME communities around the area.  The facilities provided in this master plan focus on the function of the creative economy. The concept is carried in Urban Acupuncture and Placemaking, where this concept aims to reduce residents' stress and make the public health and excited with their new activities. At the same time, Placemaking directs the community to get involved and stand up to build public spaces. The facilities provided in this area include Green open space, Inclusive government workspace, Creative Hub, Community Center, Urban Agriculture, Riverfront Park, Creative Space, Micro library, Service Mall, etc.


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