Blembem Region Masterplan Visioning

Located on a new route that will connect to the Dieng Plateau, the Blembem area has natural tourist attractions, including tea plantations, hiking base camps, and mountain views. However, along this route, there are also excavated C areas that are still operating or abandoned, which is one of the causes of environmental degradation in the area.

The concept of eco-community highland tourism was raised to answer the existing challenges while optimizing the potential of this area.

Some of the planning strategies are the development of potential lands into rest areas, development of existing tourist attractions, conversion of mining land functions, provision of adequate road furniture, provision of transportation facilities, land use control, and disaster mitigation, along with planning for disaster evacuation routes.


Service & Programmatic
Kec. Kertek, Kabupaten Wonosobo
Completion Date
570 Ha
DPUPR Wonosobo
Blokplan and Development Parameter
Blokplan and Development Parameter
Blokplan and Development Parameter
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