Skywalk Pangkep Makassar

This skywalk is a skywalk that connects activity centers in the Bungoro intersection area. This skywalk stretches and integrates all four sides of the Bunggoro intersection area with a height of five meters and a corridor width of three meters. It is designed in such a way as to reduce the occurrence of accidents, become one of the iconic tourism potentials for Pangkep Regency, and be a forum for activities for the surrounding community.

Site Plan
On the north and south sides of the skywalk is a connecting road between Makassar-Barru. While on the East and West sides, it is assumed that the traffic circulation is not so dense so that pedestrians can cross more safely. Given the heavy traffic circulation, there are two entrances to the skywalk, each on the North and South sides, to make it easier for pedestrians to cross. In addition, a selling zone is also provided at the skywalk center and a parking zone so that it will not interfere with traffic circulation.

The visioning skywalk at Fatih Vatan Street in Istanbul and Teras Cihampelas in Bandung is a precedent project that is used as a reference for the skywalk to be built at the Bungaro intersection. The skywalk center is an area for community space for interacting, resting, and various other activities, and a skywalk corridor can also be used as a commercial area.

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