Semin Subdistrict Land and Building Planning

Semin Subdistrict Development Development from the Perspective of Planning Regulations in Indonesia 



In realizing an organized and integrated space, detailed and comprehensive planning is needed. The planning is realized through regulatory documents that regulate the area based on the hierarchical scope of its territory. Spatial planning schemes in Indonesia are divided into two sides: spatial planning and the arrangement of buildings and the environment. The regulation that is our focus this time is the Building and Environmental Management Plan (RTBL). Urban RTBL, as a detailed form of the existing spatial plan above, aims to control the use of space. Urban Semin is included in the Regional Activity Center (PKL) of Gunung Kidul Regency and is planned as a center for regional trade and service activities. 


Semin District, located in Gunung Kidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta Province, consists of five villages: Semin, Pundungsari, Bulurejo, Sumberejo, and Rejosari, with a total planning area of ​​85.11 hectares. The vision in the Semin Sub-district RTBL is "Realizing the Semin Urban District as a service trade area that is cultured, prosperous, sustainable and competitive." To support the development of this concept, it is planned to build a trade and service corridor will be implemented through buildings, figure-ground, road, and pedestrian networks. At the same time, the points of being cultured, prosperous, sustainable, and competitive are realized by developing green cities and city beautification. The green city concept is demonstrated by the existence of open spaces, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly management of water and waste resources, and a sustainable transportation system. City beautification is realized through spatial planning, street panoramas, landmarks, and socio-culture. 


Following the analysis of the existing conditions in Semin District, the development will utilize the current potential for the community's welfare through creative economic activities, environmental-friendly development, and the ability to compete with the surrounding area. RTBL Semin is realized through several building programs such as the construction of urban gates, Pandanan Monument, Semin Market, pedestrians, revitalization of tombs, and the development of the Semin Terminal area. These building programs will later have distinctive characteristics and describe the specialties of Yogyakarta. To make Pasar Semin an organized and quality area, shady trees are provided as shade equipped with pedestrian safety bollards, disabled lanes, street lighting, lamps and signaling signs, pedestrian lights, and places to attach posters/ billboards. In addition, green open spaces are developed to support environmental programs such as T-junction Park, Pasar Semin Park, Semin City Park, and Oyo River Park. 

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