Visioning Masterplan Mixed-Use Banten

Banten is one of the cities famous for having a sea area that is a strategic route. Because of its easy sea access, many ports have been built, making Banten easily accessible from the interior and ocean. This access makes Banten a strategic location for commercial and residential development. Commercial and residential development can be an attraction that can become one of the main magnets for industrial and business activities. Industrial activities in the Banten area have also become a magnet for business activity that can lead to new development opportunities.

Contextual Analysis

An analysis has been carried out, which states that the age group in Banten has a surplus population at a productive age, which is between 15 to 64 years. Banten's population growth has also increased and given Banten opportunities in terms of development. One of the economic magnets in Banten is the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry can absorb passive labor up to 29% of the whole. The manufacturing industry gives Banten investment opportunities in other sectors that increase yearly.


The Banten master plan is divided into three zones, which aim to provide convenience to the people of Banten. The first is the construction of commercial areas close to residential areas, both within and outside areas still around residential areas. The second is the construction of an integrated area between the transportation and commercial areas for easy accessibility. Then finally, the structure of a greening area in the city center becomes an orientation point for elements on the site that increase hierarchy and are close to the surrounding community. A place with a transit orientation, friendly for pedestrians, and can be used interchangeably with motorists, as well as a beautiful environment for its residents, is a concept applied to this Banten Masterplan.

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