Al-Adzkiya MBF Elementary School


SD MBF Al-Adzkiya is an elementary school located in a hilly area, with the surrounding environment still beautifully filled with greenery. The concept that will be applied to the design of this school is still related to nature, such as the use of natural material elements, vegetation, and the orientation of buildings and rooms facing the view of the hills. So that the elementary school located in Wonosobo still has the potential to reunite with nature.


The school district will always be synonymous with the social and learning area. Thus, the concept of a school is usually designed in color to provoke enthusiasm. However, it is different from SD MBF Al-Adzkiya, which is still in a beautiful and environmentally friendly area. This design concept uses natural basic materials, such as stone, wood, and sustainable green materials. The use of natural stone and glass blocks are used as the face of the building to reduce the plain impression of the school walls and give it a more natural feel. The Lee Kwan Yew plant is implemented as shading and gives the impression of returning to nature. Then, some shrubs are used as a representation of plants in the environment of SD MBF Al-Adzkiya.


If you see it from the interior perspective, you will find some significant differences between MBF Al-Adzkiya Elementary School and other elementary schools. Starting from the lobby area, the selection of bright materials and the application of glass blocks in the lobby area aim to make the room look wider and maximize natural light. Then, moving to the classroom area, there is a library that must give its users a calm and comfortable impression. The use of wood materials can make this impression on its users. Bright materials also support a general belief in the library. Then, the classroom is slightly different from the library. The promising materials on the walls dominate, making the school more spacious. The addition of natural stone ornaments to the classroom area also enhances the concept of "Back to Nature" for this design.

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