Baabul Khoirot Mosque

Restoring the function of the mosque as a centre for community activities, the Lebak Bulus Mosque carries the concept of an eco-munity Mosque. Combining elements of ecology, community, and e-mosque, this mosque also integrates a design that responds to nature, is functional and transcends the times. Despite being in a fairly dense centre in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, this mosque can be easily recognized by its facade that combines exposed brick and hanging greenery. The outside of the mosque is equipped with green open spaces and a retention pool that can accommodate air when it rains. Meanwhile, when the user enters, there is a verandah with a design that is more crowded than the interior of the mosque, as a representation of worldly life, while the simple image in the interior of the mosque is a representation of holiness and life in the hereafter.


Service & Programmatic
Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan
Completion Date
1100 sqm
Corridor area
Pool around mosque area
Public Space
Mosque interior
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