Masjid GreenHills

Location & Concept

In line with its name, GreenHills Mosque located in GreenHills Residence, an elite residential complex in Sleman, Yogyakarta area. Precisely, the mosque’s site located on waqf land in the middle of residential complex area which is also located near the clubhouse facility. Modernism is finally being chosen as the concept so that GreenHills Mosque can serve as a maximal and functional worship place and create effective and efficient spaces for prayers and other supporting activities.

Zoning & Floor Plan

The floorplan of the GreenHills Mosque is divided into three zones. The main zone for praying, supporting facilities zone, and private zone. On the first and second floors, the main zone is the main room that functions as a prayer room with first floor for male, and the second floor for female. The support zones on the first and second floors consist of toilets, ablution rooms, and storage room. The private zone on the first floor is for the transit room, and on the second floor is the marbot's room. The third floor fully functions as supporting zone consists  of a multipurpose service room. There is also a hallway area and a mosque foyer to support muamalah activities.

Interior & Exterior

The mosque’s interior mostly use nature-related materials such as granite tiles and wooden ceilings, with a hint of neutral colors. In the main area or prayer area, a partition is given in the form of a window wall to separate the area from the hallway area. The voids located on the first all the way to the third floors to make the interior of the mosque more spacious and airy. The existence of voids and window wall partition is also very helpful for the distribution of natural light in the prayer room of the mosque. The double skin facade with krawangan GRC becomes the GreenHills Mosque’s unique identity which is easily recognizable when looking at the exterior of the mosque. Krawangan with Islamic geometric patterned is the right choice of decorative exterior elements to strengthen the depiction of the Islamic image that becomes the exterior appearance of the mosque. Apart from being an exterior decorative element, this secondary skin with krawangan also functions as sunshading on the second and third floors.

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