Visioning Project Masterplan Amplas Medan

This visioning project, which is located in Amplas, Medan, is quite unique and different from other projects because it manages the part of Amplas Terminal section which is a BMN asset or State Property. Based on the RDTR, profile, and site location analysis, the asset is located in a location that includes a public service area and is very strategic to be developed. The asset location has easy and accessible access to ports, Sumatra toll roads, Kualanamu Airport, strategic industrial areas, KSPN Lake Toba, and strategic roads in North Sumatra Province. To make maximum use of BMN assets, HBU (High Best Use) analysis is used to determine the typology of buildings with several methods. The methods used include surveying several parties, mapping competitors, and product positioning. Entering the product positioning method, the building typology began to narrow into three candidates, these are hotel, retail, and hospital. Furthermore, the analysis is carried out again to determine the profit & loss for each building typology. After a series of analyses, two building typologies were chosen and considered as the most suitable to be developed for project visioning, namely hotels and hospitals, which will hereinafter be referred to as Amplas Hotels and Amplas Hospitals.

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