Riau Island Industrial Estate Masterplan

This industrial area, located in the Riau Islands, has high regional connectivity with the surrounding large islands and is connected to international and national airports in the western part of Indonesia, thus giving this area an advantage. The accessibility of the sea route is also one of the advantages because it is located in a strategic zone of international trade and shipping in the Malacca Strait Region.

The Riau Islands Industrial Estate is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge facilities so that it can support the visions to be implemented. The visions that will be applied to this industrial area are Smart Industry, Green, Circular Economy, Resistant, Zero Waste, Green Industrial Development, Water Sensitive Industry, Less Carbon Footprint, Smart Management, Green Area & Conservation, Smart Mobility & Logistics, Water Sensitive Industry, Integrated Port, Biophilic Housing & All in Facilities, Water Treatment, and Smart Energy.

In the process, this industrial area has undergone an in-depth feasibility study process, and there are three contexts of concern: physical space, environmental, and business development. This in-depth analysis has undergone three phases before finally formulating the basic concepts in this master plan. These phases are, Phase 1: Physical Identification - Physical Space and Environment, Phase 2: Legal Analysis - Legality and Regulations, and Phase 3: Market Opportunity - Economics and Business.

Several concepts will be applied to this industrial area due to the many developed sectors. The first concept is Water Sensitive Urban Design + Solar Energy. This concept enables a water-responsive environmental arrangement by maximizing water utilization. The second concept is Green Industrial Development. This concept is formed from the connectedness and synergy between industry, logistics, and green areas that involve many actors, which impact many sectors, thus creating an independent and sustainable industrial area. Third, there is the concept of smart water management, which offers a more robust and efficient water supply system, reduces costs, and supports the concept of sustainability. Fourth, there is the concept of circular industries, which focuses on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) from waste materials by utilizing material processing technology for minimal environmental impact and making waste as other raw materials. Finally, there is the concept of resilient housing, which is the application of a resilient and empowered house by maximizing the existing potential, starting from utilizing solar energy and rainwater storage to applying cross-ventilation in buildings.

Design Principles
The number of sectors that will be developed creates a combination of design elements which ultimately results in the following design principles,

  1. Green Area: Green area around the area to filter the air.
  2. Resilient: A resilient industrial area through the use of renewable energy and mangrove conservation.
  3. Connectivity: Connectivity connects the area with other islands in the vicinity.
  4. Water Sensitive: The application of bio-swale to waterways allows for the absorption of water into the soil.
  5. Potential Development: Expansion of the design area based on the existing bathymetric map.
  6. Various Zones: The design site is divided into three zones, namely work zone, entertainment zone, and living zone
Service & Programmatic
Batam, Kepulauan Riau
Completion Date
3000 Ha
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