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Blitar Regency is one of the selected regencies in 2018 in the 100 Smart City Movement. The development of the smart city of Blitar Regency, from now on referred to as the Smart Regency of Blitar Regency, indeed leads to the context of increasing potential and solving problems experienced by Blitar Regency. The smart regency master plan in Blitar Regency is expected to be an innovation for the local government in carrying out development activities to solve current and future problems. The preparation of the smart regency master plan in Blitar Regency aims to formulate the development of Blitar Regency into a smart city within the next ten years, starting in 2019, based on the potential and existing problems. The smart regency master plan in Blitar Regency is intended to be a guideline through every cycle in the transformation of Blitar Regency into a smart city.


Making a smart city master plan begins with analyzing three (3) conditions: the regional development vision, regional development plans, and current regional conditions. The regional development vision analyzes the regional objectives listed in the RPJPD and RPJMD of Blitar Regency. Then after analyzing the three conditions, it can be concluded that the objectives and level of readiness of the smart regency in Blitar Regency can be concluded. The readiness of the smart regency in Blitar Regency was analyzed using five (5) approaches, namely nature, structure, infrastructure, superstructure, and culture.
The calculation of the elements of regional readiness in terms of nature, structure, infrastructure, superstructure, and culture shows the regional readiness of Blitar Regency. Broadly speaking, the level of readiness of the nature of Blitar Regency has reached a high level and has reached full readiness. The readiness of nature by making Blitar Regency a smart district, the dimensions of development in Blitar Regency refer to the 6 (six) dimensions of smart regency, namely smart governance, smart branding, smart economy, smart living, smart society, and smart environment.

Smart City Masterplan Project Roadmap

The end of the smart regency master plan that has been prepared is to realize the Smart Regency Vision of Blitar Regency, namely Towards a Fast, Comfortable, and Prosperous Blitar Regency in 2028. Broadly speaking, the road map to be achieved from the smart regency of Blitar Regency is divided into four phases. The phasing of the smart regency development is carried out in the long term. Based on the maturity phase of smart regency, namely the initial phase, the development phase for optimizing infrastructure, the utilization phase, and the refinement phase. The initial phase is a phase where a new area begins to build smart regency readiness. The development phase is the phase where the regions begin to develop smart regency readiness (applications, infrastructure, literacy, institutions). The managed phase generally illustrates that an area has implemented the smart regency program well. The improvement stage (optimized) is the stage to complete things that are considered less than perfect in the smart regency program.

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