Four Star Hotel in Bawen Terminal


Bawen Terminal is located on Jalan Raya Semarang-Solo Bawen, Kec. Bawen, Semarang Regency. Having an area of 3.1 ha, this area is divided into terminal land, revitalization terminal area, and development area (HBU optimization land). In this area, there is a development of a 4-Star Commercial Hotel. The site has been revitalized and operational to support terminal operations consisting of waiting rooms, ticket sales counters, and other facilities. Optimization of the commercial area is in support of development planning. With a total construction of 6,900 m2, there will be 142 room units in the 4-star hotel.



Providing natural elements to hotel buildings is a concept that will be emphasized. The inner court area inside the building, is designed to break the circulation of the hotel to twist around the entire building area. This is intended to provide a different space experience. The park is one of the natural elements that will allow hotel visitors to feel the tropical atmosphere while enjoying other hotel facilities. Meanwhile, the interior concept raised is natural elements such as plants and wood and natural stone texture. The interior concept of a building with a biophilic theme is applied to the building in the hope that it can provide a comfortable natural atmosphere and improve the well-being of hotel visitors. In the design of this hotel, there are three explorations of mass composition. The first is the mass of the building following the landform provided at the Bawen Terminal. The second, the mass of the building, is enlarged by adding five floors from point 0, and the last maximize the openings and sunlight by providing an inner court in the middle of the building mass.

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