Re[Form]: Reformasi Trisakti


Successfully achieving 3rd place in the Masterplan Ideas Competition for Trisakti Nagrak University, this design incorporates the theme Re[Form]: Trisakti Reform. Trisakti University, positioned as a REFORMATION campus, inspires steps toward a better future through enlightening education, guiding students to become future leaders with integrity, contributing to social and cultural aspects, and advancing the economy through innovation aligned with the spirit of REFORMATION.

Integrating campus activities with the life of the surrounding community becomes the backdrop of interesting issues that further solidify the team's determination in participating in this competition. This campus masterplan becomes both the team's inaugural project and a new challenge for a team that has not previously undertaken a similar project.

As a REFORMATION campus, Trisakti University also pays full attention to the harmony between its buildings and the surrounding nature and areas by creating Green Open Spaces (RTH) and public commercial functions that involve the local community, such as events for the community that also have an impact on the creation of job opportunities.


Biodiversity-Sensitive Urban Design (BSUD) and Water-Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) have become ecological concepts and systems applied to maintain a balance between nature and the built environment, along with sustainable water management. This is manifested through the provision of Sensory Garden points scattered in the area, simultaneously supporting the BSUD concept and enhancing the experience and well-being of users.

Trisakti University also operates various business units to support its financial independence. One of these approaches involves implementing Circular Economy, where the value of a product and its components is maximized through repeated use, minimizing resource waste.

Technological advancements are also considered, impacting the flexible and unrestricted patterns of learning. The provision of advanced spaces and 24-hour accessibility becomes a distinct advantage in fostering innovation, interaction, collaboration, and productivity for students, academics, as well as partners both domestically and internationally.

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