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MICE KAI Corporate University presents a collaboration of Green Open Space and Blue Open Space with the result of a semi-outdoor concept design located in the Laswi City Heritage Area, Bandung City. The main idea of this building is a harmonic integration of the building and the environment that could connect visually. As a result of work from the KAI Corporate University MICE Building Architectural Design Competition by PT KAI, this project is Shirvano's milestone in designing the MICE building typology. The hope is that MICE KAI can become a location for all interaction and additional knowledge related to education in the future.


The Open Plan concept was chosen and implemented in the KAI Corporate University MICE project to support all collaborative activities, provide multi-purpose space, and provide optimal views to the outside from every corner of the space. Green Open Space and Blue Open Space are left unprocessed to be buildings to add character to the site. Moreover, this building was also created by considering harmonious integration with the surrounding environment through an approach that attracts pedestrians with plaza facilities that also connect the two building masses. Considering other things, such as traffic jams, this design opens up new roads to accommodate many vehicles and provides a parking area in the basement so that the area for pedestrians and visitors to the building is wider.


Concept design of the MICE KAI building transforms the site that is in between Green Open Space and Blue Open Space became two main building masses,  the Exhibition hall at the front and Auditorium at the back, which the function is at +9.00 height so it could achieve the majestic and spacious impression at the open space below. The structure of this building is not only meant as reinforcement. By using CLT as the main material of the exoskeleton, the aesthetical side could be enhanced.

In this design, all the supporting rooms and offices are placed on the outer part of the exoskeleton in order to maintain the building circulation and pre-function to be kept inside the building. The room’s shape is different from one another, depending on its width, so that on the outermost side there are protrusions from the room. Between each side of the outer spaces of the supporting room, office, and MICE itself will be functioned as a green area to increase the green building factor, ventilation treatment, and for the convenience of users.


This building is designed dominantly using transparent materials and paired with prefabricated elements. The selection of neutral colors used such as CLT material, wood, concrete, etc. is adopted as the building background, while the orange color that is synonymous with KAI was chosen as an attractive visual element.

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