Shopping Eco Forest: Svarga Jenggala


Svarga Jenggala has successfully created a unique space that incorporates the harmony of nature, social interaction, and business activities. The implemented design is full of natural elements and preserved environment, making Svarga Jenggala a place that combines the beauty of nature with the human needs of shopping and interaction.

With a theme that emphasizes the unity of nature, humans, and commerce, every visit to Svarga Jenggala is expected to provide an unforgettable shopping experience. Visitors can explore a wide range of diverse product options while experiencing a natural and refreshing atmosphere. Svarga Jenggala also offers comfortable hotel services, allowing visitors to experience comfort and luxury during their stay.

Furthermore, Svarga Jenggala surprises visitors by providing a Mini Zoo, Bird Park, and Reptile Park. With these areas, visitors can enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the entertaining animal world, offering a different experience beyond just shopping. Visitors can also explore the breathtaking Forest Sky Bridge, crossing a bridge that stretches over an area with stunning views.

Svarga Jenggala is not just an ordinary shopping place, but also a destination that creates unforgettable experiences, preserves nature, and presents an integrated area. In a calming atmosphere connected to nature, visitors can enjoy shopping, social interaction, and various facilities and attractions offered. Svarga Jenggala becomes an inspiring space that leaves a profound impression on every visitor who comes.



Svarga Jenggala is a tangible example of design that incorporates the concepts of sustainable urbanism, restorative environment, and environmental aesthetics. In the design of Svarga Jenggala, the concept of sustainable urbanism is realized through a holistic approach that integrates social, economic, and environmental aspects. By considering the needs of the community, economic sustainability, and environmental preservation, Svarga Jenggala becomes an environmentally friendly and sustainable activity center.

In the context of a restorative environment, Svarga Jenggala creates an environment that supports the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of visitors. By utilizing natural elements such as trees, vegetation, and water features, Svarga Jenggala provides a calming and refreshing experience. Continuous walkways with glass canopies allow for the entry of fresh air and sunlight into the building, while the addition of inner courtyards provides vegetated spaces that offer a sense of coolness in the midst of the shopping center. Fish ponds and other water elements create a soothing atmosphere with the sound of flowing water, stimulating the senses and enriching the visitor experience.

Svarga Jenggala also prioritizes environmental aesthetic in its design. This concept is emphasized through the use of natural elements that provide beauty and visual balance. In the design of Svarga Jenggala, elements such as trees, fragrant vegetation, and shading create a pleasant atmosphere and enrich the aesthetic experience for visitors. Additionally, the selection of partitions that respond to natural geometric elements and the suspended circulation between buildings create an appealing visual effect, leaving visitors with impressions of beauty and inviting exploration.

By combining the concepts of sustainable urbanism, restorative environment, and environmental aesthetic in its design, Svarga Jenggala creates an environment that prioritizes sustainability, restoration, and natural beauty. Through this approach, Svarga Jenggala becomes a destination that not only offers shopping and entertainment experiences but also inspires and enhances the quality of life for visitors through harmonious interaction with nature and the surrounding environment.



The concept of zoning in the design of Svarga Jenggala is based on two important principles, namely "Refleksi Rapih Winangun Kartarajasa" and "Refleksi Asimilasi". The principle of "Refleksi Rapih Winangun Kartarajasa" depicts the transformation of the building from a mere place of commerce into a stunning public area. Within this area, there is a city walk that allows visitors to explore public spaces that are attractive and appealing. There are also urban pockets that provide interesting open spaces and offer a high level of human value. This zoning ensures the presence of spaces that encourage social interaction and fulfill various visitor needs, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

On the other hand, the principle of "Refleksi Asimilasi" portrays Svarga Jenggala as a new green open space and a distinctive landmark in the area where it is built. In this concept, Svarga Jenggala successfully combines the beauty of nature, commercial activities, and the cultural richness of Kuningan Regency. Through its design, the area creates a harmonious impression between natural elements, buildings, and human activities. The beauty of nature is manifested through the use of green vegetation, trees, and soothing water elements. The presence of commercial activities such as shopping areas and hotels adds dynamics and vitality to the area. Furthermore, the cultural richness is represented by elements such as the Mini Zoo, Bird Park, and Reptile Park, enriching the visitor experience.

By implementing zoning concepts based on the principles of "Refleksi Rapih Winangun Kartarajasa" and "Refleksi Asimilasi", Svarga Jenggala is able to create zoning that provides a unique and appealing experience for visitors, with stunning public spaces and a fusion of elements that create a high level of human value. Through this concept, Svarga Jenggala becomes a special destination that invites people to explore and experience the diversity within it.

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