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Lingkar Kayan Beriman


Located in Kalimantan as the world's lungs, part of the Heart of Borneo, and enriched with the Kayan Mentarang National Park as a natural treasure, it is essential to consciously maintain harmony with nature in the development of Tanjung Selor. By embracing the broad concept of sustainability, accompanied by a forest conservation approach in the design of the Tanjung Selor Islamic Centre, it becomes the face of the heart of the world's lungs. This value is also part of what is mandated in the Quran for believers not to cause corruption on Earth. The hope is that the Tanjung Selor Islamic Centre, as the face of the world's lungs, truly becomes the face of Islam itself and forms an Islamic community that actively contributes to preserving the environment and positively impacting the world.

The construction of the Islamic Centre in North Kalimantan Province is intended to be an area that can accommodate and support Islamic activities, including worship, economic transactions (muamalah), and propagation (dakwah). In addition to providing a space for promoting Islamic symbols, the Islamic Centre also plays a role as a center or information hub for Islam, serving both Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam. This area is expected to become a new icon for North Kalimantan Province in Bulungan Regency and a religious symbol for the people of North Kalimantan.


Serving as a link and the genesis of a new civilization along the banks of the Kayan River, the Tanjung Selor Islamic Center aims to enhance the region's quality through facilities accessible to the entire community, especially Muslims. The facilities are oriented towards sustainable development, responsive to the Kayan River, and committed to preserving Kalimantan as the world's lungs.

In the future, this area can function as an economic growth center by implementing a Community Hub supported by residential corridors and new connectivity that connects areas separated by the river. Direct involvement with main and secondary access can support opportunities to optimize development potential and space utilization.


The Islamic architectural concept is redefined through content analysis of the Quran and Hadith with various relevant keywords. Architecture, often mentioned for its negative impact on the Earth, indirectly emphasizes the importance of a responsible and sustainable approach. Additionally, the construction is emphasized to aim at uniting the Muslim community. On the other hand, functionality is also mentioned, emphasizing that everything should have a clear function, and these functions should lead to virtue. Architecture is often mentioned as a symbol of the progress of civilization, but it is closely associated with damage, excessiveness, and ostentation. Therefore, simplicity and understanding the meaning are part of Islamic architecture.

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